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# Cost of transparency
This repositery contains all elements used to evaluate the performances of
several classification systems.
These classification systems have been also evaluated on their degree
of transparency.
The aim of this experiment is to see if there is a correlation between
transparency degree and performances.
## Quick-start
To easily reproduce the results of this experiment you must install
curl | sh
Nix will allow you to reproduce this experiment in the extact same
dependencies than we used by entering the following command:
nix-shell --command "./"
**This could takes several hours.**
If you simply want to plot our results, you can run the following command:
nix-shell --command "./renderer.R"
### Nix on Windows
Nix can be used on windows by using the [Windows Subsystem for Linux](
### Running experiments without Nix
If Nix doesn't work, or you don't want to use it, you can manually install
all dependencies described in the file *shell.nix* and run the script
However, you'll took the risk to reproduce experiments without the exact
same dependencies.
## Contributing
Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to
discuss what you would like to change.
Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.
## Acknowledgment
This experiments was made in collaboration this civils hospitals of Lyon
with the aim to build transparent clinical decision support systems.
## License
The source code of this experiment is under the license
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